Will You Survive the Horrors of Shadow 2: Perfidia?

Shadow 2: Perfidia is a Survival Horror game from Ultimate Games already out on PC that’s been collecting quite the positive feedback among players.The game is set in an obscure and gloomy office, plagued by paranormal, unexplainable activities. The goal of the developers is to deliver a sense of uneasiness, overwhelming the player with fear … Continue reading

ZombieU – In The Eye Of ZombieU

  Get ready for some gore, as Ubisoft have released the first video in a four part ‘Making Of’ of ZombieU, the upcoming title for Nintendo Wii U. Check out Episode 1 – When Survival Horror Meets The Wii U, where Guillaume Brunier, Senior Producer of ZombieU, explains that they wanted to give the player … Continue reading

ZombiU Puts the U in Survival Horror

One of the better titles that was shown off during Nintendo’s E3 presentation was the Survival Horror First-Person Shooter( as Nintendo puts it) ZombiU. This game shows off what makes the Wii-U unique and could help the system “survive” early on. Long story short, London is overrun with zombies and you have to survive the … Continue reading

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