NS Review: Hyrule Warriors (Wii U)

At first, when you switch on Hyrule Warriors, it appears to be a standard Zelda title. You have the usual chimes, the usual (if beefed up a little) music and a beautiful title screen showing Hyrule Castle. It doesn’t take too long though, to find out that this is quite far from a standard Zelda … Continue reading

Ninja Gaiden 3: Razor’s Edge Set For January Release In Europe

Nintendo of Europe’s website has helpfully confirmed that Team Ninja’s upcoming Wii U title Ninja Gaiden 3: Razor’s Edge will be available to pick up on 11th January 2013. The game is already penned down as a Wii U launch title in North America and Japan, on 18th November and 8th December respectively, but it … Continue reading

New Ninja Gaiden 3: Razor’s Edge Trailer Released

A new trailer for the upcoming Ninja Gaiden 3: Razor’s Edge has been released and it’s a teeny tiny bit gory. The trailer stars Ayane, who you might recognise from those Dead or Alive games, as she gets torn away from her relaxing vacation to tear apart baddies in the most violent way possible. No really, … Continue reading

Nintendo Unleashed at the MCM Expo in Manchester – Report

The MCM Expo went all northern this weekend, setting up shop in Manchester in what proved to be a brilliant day full of comics, cosplaying and consoles! Nintendo Unleashed has become an ever-present at MCM Expos and I’m happy to inform they too hauled their stuff up the M1 to give Manchester the chance to … Continue reading

Spirit Camera: The Cursed Memoir Release Date Announced (EU)

Psst! It’s Friday the 13th! That can only mean one thing, Spirit Camera (previously known as Shinrei Camera)  is haunting shelves all over Northern America today! There’s also some good news for European gamers as both Nintendo UK and Nintendo of Europe have announced that Tecmo Koei’s latest horror game will be hitting the 3DS on … Continue reading

Pokemon Conquest Heading To DS In June (NA)

Nintendo of America have recently announced that Pokemon Conquest (known to Japanese gamers as Pokemon & Nobunaga’s Ambition) will be heading to the DS on the 18th June. While there is currently no news whether this strategy gaming adventure will hit Europe, we can hope that an announcement will shortly follow. Related Articles Pokemon & … Continue reading

Pokemon & Nobunaga’s Ambition Screenshots

Yesterday we saw a new trailer for the upcoming DS game, Pokemon & Nobunaga’s Ambition. Today, say hello to a bunch of interesting screenshots. While the pairing of the Pokemon and Nobunaga’s Ambition franchises may seem a bit strange, Japanese magazine Famitsu revealed that the crossover was originally going to be with another Tecmo Koei series – … Continue reading

Shinrei (Spirit) Camera US Release Date Announced

Here at Nintendo Scene we have been following closely Tecmo’s upcoming 3DS horror-fest, Shinrei Camera, whose name has now been finalised as Camera: The Cursed Memoir. Rather cleverly, or should I say creepily, Tecmo have coincided the US release date with the notoriously superstitious Friday 13th, in April. One of the most intriguing aspects of Spirit … Continue reading

More Pokémon Games To Come In 2012

Japanese gaming magazine Famitsu have received a greetings card from the Pokémon Company, which states “more amazing Pokemon games” will arrive in 2012, than in 2011. We already know about one title, Pokémon X Nobunaga’s Ambition, so what else could be on the horizon for Pokémon this year? What would you like to see? Related Articles New … Continue reading

New 3DS Horror Game: Shinrei Camera

The geniuses at Tecmo Koei responsible for the terrifying Fatal Frame series (known as Project Zero in Europe and Australia), first seen on the PS2, are collaborating with Nintendo to make a new 3DS horror game, which will utilise the 3DS’ AR card reader functionality. Shinrei Camera (which translates as ‘Spirit Camera’) will come with an … Continue reading

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