Sky Racket Switch Review – Shump Tennis Brick Breaking Craziness

Ever wondered what would happen if you slapped Parodius, Arkanoid and Super Tennis into a blender to see what comes out? Well that’s exactly what developer Double Dash Studios have concocted for us in Sky Racket. Unsurprisingly its total brick breaking madness. Everything here is retro to the extreme, from the graphics to the difficulty … Continue reading

Nintendo launches new “Game Trials” programme, exclusively for Nintendo Online membership owners.

When Nintendo announced their own take on online memberships, not everyone was happy. The service, even if cheap, didn’t offer much more than what we already had for free: no messaging, no achievements, only a handful of to NES games to barely justify the price.Nintendo promised to keep adding content to their offer tho and … Continue reading

New Details Emerge For Mario Tennis: Ultra Smash

mario tennis

Nintendo has served some fresh details on Mario Tennis: Ultra Smash a month ahead of its release. The company confirmed that the title will provide amiibo support, where users can team up with a figure online or level up their amiibo character and partner up against the CPU in the offline ‘Knockout Challenge’ mode. The following character … Continue reading

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