Opinion: Why Third Party Praise Means Nothing If The Games Don’t Sell

Flattery will get you everywhere, or so they say. This seems to be the ethos of several game developers who’ve been bombarding Nintendo with chocolate and flowers in recent weeks as the Wii U launch grows ever closer. Why are they doing this? To get in their good books most likely but also to help … Continue reading

Reggie: Wii U Will Have Great Third Party Content “For A Long, Long Time”

The Wii U’s upcoming release has sparked excitement and conversation across the entire gaming community with so many topics and questions being bandied around. One of those big questions everyone’s asking is how the Wii U will stand up to its rivals inevitably more powerful new consoles and how it will affect future third party … Continue reading

CryEngine Coming to Wii U

Crytek CEO, Cervat Yerli, has confirmed to Develop that they will definitely support Wii U with their CryEngine and that they are ‘pretty much running it already’. The engine has been used for the critically acclaimed Far Cry and Crysis 2. Crytek stated: “Crytek’s support for Wii U is definitely going to happen. We aren’t … Continue reading

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