Red 3DS Is Coming To Europe

You might need to take a breather today with all this great Nintendo news, as more news just keeps coming in. Earlier we said that a Pink 3DS will be hitting Japan on October 20th, and now it has been confirmed today that the Red 3DS will make its way to Europe this month, September … Continue reading

Mario Kart 7 Release Date

It has just been confirmed that Mario Kart 7 will be racing its way onto shelves on December 2nd! There will be a new mode in this new Mario Kart title, where you use the Gyro Sensor to get a first person view. Will be interesting to see how that works out. Metal Mario and … Continue reading

Monster Hunter 4 For 3DS

Monster Hunter fans will be very happy to hear that this morning it was announced that a new game, Monster Hunter 4, will be heading to the 3DS. Just the other day, Monster Hunter 3G was announced for release on the 3DS. Great to see two Monster Hunter titles heading our way! No details have … Continue reading

Pink 3DS Announced

This morning at Nintendo’s 3DS Conference, Nintendo announced a brand new colour 3DS, Pink! This Pink 3DS will hit Japan on October 20th. No announced on a European or American release date as of yet. What do you think of it? Related articles Nintendo’s 3DS Conference Report (

3DS Circle Pad Price And Release Date Announced

Nintendo has revealed that Japan will get the new circle pad attachment for around £12 (1,500 Yen). It will be released alongside the new Monster Hunter 3G game on 10 December. It requires one AAA battery. No word yet on a UK release date but fingers crossed we get it before christmas. Many people have … Continue reading

New Square Enix 3DS RPG – Bravely Default Flying Fairy

Very early this morning (UK time) at the Nintendo 3DS Conference, a new Square Enix RPG was announced for the 3DS with a rather odd title. A title strange enough to rival other ridiculously named Square Enix titles such as; Kingdom Hearts: Dream Drop Distance and Dragon Quest Heroes: Rocket Slime 3D. Yes, you read … Continue reading

Tokyo Game Show Week Starts Now

Well this is it!… The Tokyo Game Show week kicks off today! The second largest gaming industry event after E3. All major gaming sites and publication outlets should now be on location. As you might have already gathered from our Twitter and facebook feeds, I myself am already in Tokyo and representing our Nintendo Scene site. Press passes … Continue reading

Nintendo Scene Reporting Live from the Tokyo Game Show 2011

Yep that’s right! Nintendo Scene has grown such in significance that we are now able to report to you live from the Tokyo Game Show. Taking place this September Thursday the 15th to Sunday the 18th. We will be on site getting all the news from the show floor. Tokyo Game Show is Asia’s equivalent … Continue reading

Big Announcement From Nintendo Next Month

The Japanese blogger Andriasang has posted a report, based on sources from Inside Games, that Nintendo will be making a ‘big announcement’ on the 13th September. The site’s sources say that Nintendo is planning on announcing an ‘extremely big title’. Andriasang explains that word of the announcement first came about when a Bloomberg article discussed … Continue reading

Capcom hints at Monster Hunter 3D

Capcom Europe’s main man David Reeves has been speaking to journalists about the future of Capcom, and while doing so hinted at the prospect of a new Monster Hunter game heading to the Nintendo 3DS as well as the PlayStation Vita. “There are going to be games coming out for both the platforms [3DS & … Continue reading

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