Olympic StreetPass Event for London 2012 – St Pancras Station 5/8/12 13-15:00

This event has now closed. Please click here for the full report. Stay tuned to our feeds for upcoming events. Thank you to all. The capital and the country is in Olympic spirit. As the UK’s most prominent organizer of the largest and best StreetPass gatherings, Nintendo Scene are calling one for you all again! This time … Continue reading

Nintendo E3 2012 Press Conference Live [05.06.12 – 09:00 PDT / 17:00 GMT]

We will be covering Nintendo’s E3 2012 Press Conference live for around 1 hour. Be sure to follow our Twitter feed and like our facebook page as well as bookmarking this URL so you will be able to follow developments live with us. If you are unable to follow our reports live you can review … Continue reading

Kid Icarus Battle Squad – London Report

Today saw the first of a short UK tour for the Kid Icarus Battle Squad. Starting at the HMV on Oxford Street, London, the four staffed Battle Squad took on all comers who hoped to win a host of prizes. If you played in a game against any of the squad members, you won a … Continue reading

Adventure Time Game Heading To The DS

Cult animated TV series, Adventure Time, is getting its own game – and about time too! The game will be developed by Wayforward Technologies for the Nintendo DS console. Adventure Time creator Pendleton Ward made the announcement via his Twitter page, the tweet can be seen below: Pendleton Ward‏ @buenothebear Here we go, a sweet sweet … Continue reading

Details on our Mini Christmas Giveaway – Take Part

Although we here at Nintendo Scene will be spending time with our family or completing a few Skyward Sword side quests, we still have you our followers in mind. Over Christmas Day and Boxing Day we will be releasing dozens of free Club Nintendo PIN# codes for you to snap up and register. They will … Continue reading

Xenoblade Chronicles Boxart For The US

Nintendo of America have released the box art for Xenoblade Chronicles stating on Twitter: Share the joy of #Xenoblade Chronicles coming to Wii in 2012 by RT’ing this box art! I have included both the US box art and EU box art as there is a minor difference between them. So happy for our US … Continue reading

Your thoughts on the 3DS Ambassador Program

There is no ignoring that the 3DS didn’t get off to the best start after it’s launch and Nintendo responded with the recent price cut. But what about those of us who had already purchased the hand-held? Those loyal Nintendo fans surely didn’t deserve to be punished for their faith in the company? Nintendo didn’t … Continue reading

StreetPass with Nintendo Scene as we Celebrate IGN UK’s 100th Podcast

We would like to invite you to StreetPass with us and the IGN UK podcast team at this exclusive gaming event in Central London. Guest List Only (requests are no longer accepted) taking place at the appropriately-titled venue The 100 Club, Oxford Street on Tuesday the 23rd of this Month (August) from 6-11pm! This event is guest list … Continue reading

Nintendo New Console Called ‘Nintendo Feel’?

News has just leaked from a Swedish Gaming Publication site, that Nintendo’s next home console will be called ‘Feel’. Speculation has been surrounding the new console, and names have just been one talking point, Wii2 and codename ‘Project Café’. The Swedish site, Loading, apparently has sources close to Nintendo. Here is what was revealed on … Continue reading

1 Million Copies of Street Fighter IV 3D Sold

I heard today that Capcom have announced that they have sold 1 million copies of Super Street Fighter IV for 3DS worldwide. Or, 999,999 plus the copy I got on Saturday from Game. Where I got my first StreetPass too. Yay! (From a Game employee – does that count!?) I had hesitated buying this originally. … Continue reading

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