Try Before You Buy: Nintendo Sends Out 5000 Wii U Consoles To Selected Retailers In The US

The Wii U will be available in just a few short weeks in the United States and Nintendo have stepped up their efforts in getting people to make the Wii U their gift of choice this holiday season. Yes, 5000 Wii U consoles have been set free from Nintendo HQ and have flown into several participating retailers … Continue reading

Who Doesn’t Love Gold?

Gold seems to be a theme at Nintendo recently. First, it was announced that New Super Mario Bros. 2 would have the Coin Rush mode as well as pushing players to collect a million coins. Time for the next bit of news. Here in the United States, the long-awaited gold Nunchuk controller has finally been … Continue reading

More Dates Added To The Legend Of Zelda Symphony Of The Goddess Tour

Some more dates have been added to the upcoming The Legend Of Zelda Symphony Of The Goddess Tour this year across the US leg of the tour. Additional dates and locations will be announced throughout 2012. You can view a complete tour schedule, find out ticketing information and sign up for a regularly updated digital newsletter … Continue reading

Pimp My Club Nintendo

Recently, the Club Nintendo( in USA at-least)  site was given plastic surgery to have that younger, more modern feel to it. Let me just say that the bandages came off the other day and the site looks way better than it used to. It looks years younger and I don’t think you can tell that … Continue reading

Nintendo’s 3DS Supply Strategy Holding Up

With just under 400,000 Nintendo 3DS systems sold within the first week of the US launch. Reggie says Nintendo supply strategy is fulfilling the demand for the console. If anyone remembers the hysteria soon after the Wii Launch in which people were frantic in finding an available Wii for sale, Nintendo have done a good job by the 3DS release. In a short … Continue reading

3DS Launches in the USA

3DS Launches in the USA

The time finally came for Nintendo’s biggest market. USA and America both North and South saw the release of Nintendo’s latest portable gaming console the 3DS. Isaiah-Triforce Johnson can be named as the first owner of a 3DS as he queued for a week before the main release venue of Best by in Union Square. … Continue reading

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