Explore the Universe in the New Space Adventure: Subdivision Infinity DX!

We all love a space shooter, even better if it showcases gorgeous visuals of the vastity of space. Developed using the state of the art Unreal Engine 4, the new title developed by Mistfly Games and published by Blowfish Studios promises to bring us on an explosive trip between spaceships, dog fights, lasers, destruction and … Continue reading

Fan Recreates Zelda Ocarina of Time’s Death Mountain with Unreal 4 Engine

Zelda Ocarina of Time HD

Fans of Nintendo games have been showing off some fantastic tech demos recently of what classic Nintendo games could look like with modern HD updates. This time CryZENx has recreated Death Mountain from Zelda Ocarina of Time.  It does look fantastic, well fan tech demos like this help convince Nintendo to make more HD updates?   … Continue reading

Kanto Region from Pokemon made in Unreal 4

A super dedicated fan has recreated the whole region we all love from the Pokemon past, the Kanto region. It just makes me wish Nintendo would remake the original Pokemon in glorious 3D on the Wii U with HD graphics, I imagine it would sell like hot cakes.

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