ZombieU – In The Eye Of ZombieU

  Get ready for some gore, as Ubisoft have released the first video in a four part ‘Making Of’ of ZombieU, the upcoming title for Nintendo Wii U. Check out Episode 1 – When Survival Horror Meets The Wii U, where Guillaume Brunier, Senior Producer of ZombieU, explains that they wanted to give the player … Continue reading

eShop Presents the Game of the Week

During the latest Nintendo Direct presentation, Nintendo announced that they would be putting more games on the eShop download service. It looks like the floodgates might be opening, with Super Mario Land being the first “Game of the Week” on the eShop. Oddly enough, the game is being sold at a discounted price of 2.99 … Continue reading

Original Skyloft Concept Artwork

Most of you will now be feeling right at home wandering around Skyward Swords beautiful Skyloft. It may surprise you to know that it might have looked a lot different according to this original concept art. It appears to show Skyloft as a much more densely populated village, set on much steeper slopes across multiple … Continue reading

3DS Sales In The USA

The holiday season has come and gone and Nintendo finally seems to be catching up in the way of sales numbers. The holiday season welcomed in new hits such as Mario Kart 7 and fans noticed. Not only did the 3DS hit a milestone, some of their new classics did as well. Mario Kart 7 … Continue reading

Resident Evil Revelations UK release date

Fans of Resident Evil will be pleased to hear a UK release date has been confirmed for Resident Evil Revelations. It’s due to land on our shores on 27 January 2012 – A week before the US get it on 7 February 2012. A little unfortunate we won’t see it before Christmas, but with the … Continue reading

Nintendo E3 History: 2004 – ‘Reggie-lution’

If you read my last post, you’ll remember that 2003 was a slight dissapointment for Nintendo fans, so we were praying that 2004 would be different. Yes it was. E3 2004 was full of new and fresh ideas, something that 2003 lacked. ‘My name is Reggie. I’m about kicking ass, I’m about taking names, and we’re … Continue reading

Wii Play: Motion To Come On June 24th

Wii Play was released back in December 2006, and has been a major success selling over 9 million copies in Europe, and over 26 million copies worldwide. Wii Play consisted of nine mini-games, including fishing and shooting. With the success of Wii Play, it is clear to see why Nintendo decided to spawn a sequel … Continue reading

1 Million Copies of Street Fighter IV 3D Sold

I heard today that Capcom have announced that they have sold 1 million copies of Super Street Fighter IV for 3DS worldwide. Or, 999,999 plus the copy I got on Saturday from Game. Where I got my first StreetPass too. Yay! (From a Game employee – does that count!?) I had hesitated buying this originally. … Continue reading

Pokemon Global Link Coming This Wednesday 13th April

All you Pokemon fans will be pleased to hear that the Pokemon Global Link will be officially launched launched this Wednesday 13th April! The Global Link was scheduled to go live on March 30th, but was delayed due to the devastation that occured in Japan. Fans of Black and White will now be able to visit … Continue reading

SEGA Unveil New Sonic Teaser Trailer

This year marks the 20th Anniversary of that blue hedgehog most of us have grown up with, Sonic! After much speculation, SEGA have released a teaser trailer of the all new Sonic title which is scheduled for release this year! As seen in the trailer, we have modern Sonic, who joins up with classic Sonic and they continue … Continue reading

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