Nintendo’s 3DS Supply Strategy Holding Up

With just under 400,000 Nintendo 3DS systems sold within the first week of the US launch. Reggie says Nintendo supply strategy is fulfilling the demand for the console. If anyone remembers the hysteria soon after the Wii Launch in which people were frantic in finding an available Wii for sale, Nintendo have done a good job by the 3DS release. In a short … Continue reading

Over 1,200 stores across the UK to open at midnight for launch of Nintendo 3DS

Last night Nintendo UK announced that at least 1200 UK stores will be open at midnight to release Nintendo’s new hand-held console the 3DS at 00:01am on the 25th of March. There will now also be 13 VIP launch events. It’s at these events where the first few fans will be able to get add-on games for free or … Continue reading

3DS Breaks Nintendo’s Own Pre-Order Records in the UK

Andy Yates the UK sales director spoke with MVC (Industry Trade Magazine) saying that UK 3DS pre-orders are fast approaching 100,000! “We’re very encouraged that it’s going to be a big launch,” he said. “Our target was to get over 100,000 pre-orders – and we’re in line with that. So far, we’ve already beat our personal best … Continue reading

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