Wii U Games We’d Like To See: Wii Sports Rio 2016

The Olympic Games are all done and dusted now and I, along with many others, am missing it profusely! Before the games even began all the London 2012 merchandise was circulating including the traditional licenced video games. Xbox 360 and PS3 owners got to play the official London 2012 game while Nintendo Wii and 3DS … Continue reading

Existing Wii Model is going to be Discontinued

Following the announcement of a new more ‘streamlined’ edition of the Wii, Eurogamer have been informed that the current model is to be discontinued. This means that if you don’t already own a Wii but want one that can play your Gamecube games then you’re going to need to purchase one before this Christmas. “In … Continue reading

Nintendo Announce New Look ‘Streamlined’ Wii Console

Today Nintendo have confirmed that a new look ‘streamlined’ version of the Wii console will be released in the UK in time for Christmas. Described as being a ‘streamlined white Wii with a slightly altered configuration, which is designed to sit horizontally rather than vertically’ the new console will be released as part of a … Continue reading

Wii Play: Motion Hitting this Summer

Today Nintendo shock announced a sequel to their smash hit Wii play. Wii Play: Motion is set to release in the Americas, June 13th and will feature 12 new mini games. As the name suggests, Nintendo will also be bundling in a Black Wii Remote with Wii Motion Plus built in. It is unclear whether … Continue reading

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