NS Review – SteamWorld Dig: A Fistful of Dirt (Wii U)

So welcome to Tumbleton we’re nuts for gold! Population 3… wait. Before I ‘dig’ deeper into this Impression let’s clear the air, or should we say ‘steam’? SteamWorld Dig does already exist and this is the fan requested later released big screen debut of its 3DS iteration. If you’ve already been there got the tee, … Continue reading

Retailers Claim Wii U Pro Controller Has Battery Life Of 80 Hours But Won’t Support Wii Games

With the Wii U’s launch drawing nearer and nearer most of the interest has been in the new tablet style GamePad, but of course the new console has a variety of methods to play its games. One of those methods is the Wii U Pro Controller, which if you’ve pre-ordered the ZombiU bundle you’ll find … Continue reading

Wii U ZombiU Premium Pack Bundle does not Feature Nintendo Land

It wasn’t perfectly clear whether or not the Wii U ZombiU Premium Pack bundle would include Nintendo Land when it was revealed during Nintendo Direct. It has now been confirmed that it will not feature the theme-park based game and will instead include a Wii U Pro controller. This was confirmed by Nintendo of Europe … Continue reading

Wii U Hands-On Experience NYC Recap: Steve T’s Perspective Part 2

In the last exciting issue,our young hero had just finished playing New Super Mario Brothers U. Stay tuned: same bat time, same bat channel. OK so I borrowed that last part from Batman but it lends itself so well. Anyway on to part 2 of the Wii U Experience. Hope you enjoy what you see! … Continue reading

Wii U Pro Controller Revealed

A brand new controller for the Wii U was announced during last nights Nintendo Direct.. The new controller, titled Wii U Pro Controller, will include four shoulder buttons, two analogue sticks (which are clickable like the Wii U GamePad), and four face buttons. Nintendo designed the Wii U Pro Controller specifically for multi-platform games. In my opinion it … Continue reading

Nintendo Direct Round-Up – GamePad, Miiverse, Wii U Pro Controller & More!

Only moments ago, Satoru Iwata finished his Nintendo Direct online conference to the world, addressing some new features of the upcoming Wii U console. If you are still left feeling a bit overwhelmed and need a refresher, or maybe you didn’t catch any of the show then help is at hand. Nintendo Scene is here … Continue reading

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