New Zelda Game to be Announced at E3!

According to reports on the net, Nintendo will be unveiling a new The Legend of Zelda game at the E3 event next week. Information was found via the French website, and claims that director and designer of Zelda, Eiji Aonuma, has been quoted on a television programme with the news. Eurogamer has run the … Continue reading

‘Project Café’ Leaked Games List

Just as we thought rumours on Nintendo’s upcoming console were slowing down (Ha! Yeah right!), a list, of codenamed ‘Project Café’ or ‘Nintendo Feel’ has been leaked online on several gaming websites on the upcoming games that Nintendo are scheduled to show case at the E3 expo in June! The following games are: First Party … Continue reading

Nintendo Of America President discusses the Wii Price Drop and Wii2 too!

Reggie Fils-Aime, Nintendo of America president, has recently been discussing Nintendo’s s Project Cafe, which is the internal codename for the forthcoming successor to the Wii. The console has been confirmed to be revealed at e3 next month. He also explained why Nintendo have dropped the RRP of the Wii. Reggie said that the reduction … Continue reading

Nintendo New Console Called ‘Nintendo Feel’?

News has just leaked from a Swedish Gaming Publication site, that Nintendo’s next home console will be called ‘Feel’. Speculation has been surrounding the new console, and names have just been one talking point, Wii2 and codename ‘Project Café’. The Swedish site, Loading, apparently has sources close to Nintendo. Here is what was revealed on … Continue reading

New Console To Be Unveiled At E3

It has been confirmed today by Nintendo of Japan, that there will be a successor to the popular Wii in 2012, but most importantly, this new console will be show-cased at the E3 expo in Los Angeles 7th-9th of June. This news comes after weeks of speculation about the codenamed ‘Project Café’ rocketed around the internet. While … Continue reading

Wii Successor Coming Admits Miyamoto?

Confirmation about the Wii 2 development has apparently been announced from none other than the legend himself, Shigeru Miyamoto. In an interview with Edge magazine, he was pressed for details about the rumours, if what was travelling around the internet was true or false. “Don’t ask!” he said. “Even when the Wii launched we were developing new … Continue reading

Retro Developing New Title For Wii2?

Retro Studies, the studio behind Metroid Prime and the new Donkey Kong Country Returns, are apparently hard at work developing a new title  for Nintendo’s upcoming console ‘Project Café’. When asked what they were working on, they simply stated “What everyone wants us to do”.The news apparently came from two insiders at Retro Studios in Austin, who said … Continue reading

Wii Prices Drop As ‘Wii2’ Rumours Continue

Remember last week it was suggested that in May, Nintendo would drop the price of the Wii down to $150? Well,  it came alot sooner, as not even a week since that was suggested, many US retailers have unofficially dropped their Wii. It was rumoured that the price drop was to happen in May, a … Continue reading

Wii 2 Rumours Set the Internet Ablaze

Several reputable gaming websites including IGN are reporting that Nintendo is readying an unveiling of its next home console at this summers E3 Expo in June.  The past few days have been messy with rumours and details being corrected all over the place – but thanks to ‘gofreak’ on NeoGAF here is what hasn’t been … Continue reading

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