Story of Seasons: Trio of Towns is coming West in 2017

story of seasons trio of towns

The next real Harvest Moon (Now a days Harvest Moon games are made by Natsume the US publisher of Harvest Moon and not Marvelous the developer of what used to be Harvest Moon and is now Story of Seasons, confusing I know) is coming West in 2017 courtesy of Xseed. Trio of towns has you … Continue reading

Rune Factory 4 Localisation Teased By XSEED

Game developers and publishers sure are socialites these days aren’t they? I don’t know when they find the time to actually produce games anymore! In this digital age more and more of them are jumping onto the social media bandwagon and dishing out news via their Twitter feed, Facebook posts or YouTube channels. XSEED Games … Continue reading

Delays For The Last Story In The US

The Last Story has experienced a slight delay in all stores across America. XSeed Games claimed that The Last Story shipped to retailers in North America, but they revealed that there seems to be “small delays” and the game is not yet available in all stores. The Last Story was to release yesterday, August 14th, but it should be available … Continue reading

The Last Story Gets Release Date In The US

Good news for our readers in the US, The Last Story has been given a North American release date, August 14th. If you pre-order The Last Story from, EB Games Canada or GameStop, you’ll receive a bonus soundtrack CD, which you can see below, that features seven tracks from the game’s score. XSeed have also stated that all launch copies … Continue reading

The Last Story Heading To North America This Year

Good news for our American readers! Nintendo America announced today that The Last Story will make its way to North America this year. Reggie Fils-Aime, NoA President, never gave any specifics as to when it will be released, but he did tell us that XSeed will be localizing the title rather than Nintendo. You guys happy? … Continue reading

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