NS Review – Yoshi’s Crafted World (Switch)

Yoshis Crafted World Nintendo Switch Review

Yoshi’s Crafted World is the latest in what you’ve come to expect from Mario’s green dinosaur pal; another take on the classic platformer, featuring Yoshi and his friends, traversing through a newly created world in a brand new style. Of course it’s charming, the art style is a delight, there’s not too much in the … Continue reading

NS Preview: Hands-On with Yoshi’s Woolly World

I’ve been spending a lot of time with Good-Feel’s upcoming game: Yoshi’s Woolly World. Many fans may have recognised the visual similarities between Woolly World and the fabulous 2010 game Kirby’s Epic Yarn, and indeed Woolly World is being considered a spiritual successor to that title despite belonging to a different series. In a world made … Continue reading

Discover over 50 levels and unlock new Yoshi patterns in Yoshi’s Woolly World – coming to Wii U on 26th June

Check it out folks – Nintendo have released some new information about the forthcoming Wii U title Yoshi’s Woolly World. You can read the full press release and also take a look at a new trailer below. Are you planning on purchasing this game? Let us know what you’re looking forward to about it in … Continue reading

Nintendo’s Olympic Dream Team!

The Olympics is in full swing now and the medals have been flying in thick and fast! You can really see how these athletes have refined their greatest qualities and are now using them to grab gold in their respective events. I was wondering though, what if Nintendo sent a team to the Olympics. Who’d … Continue reading

Leaked 3DS Software Days Before Nintendo’s Conference?

Just hours after Monster Hunter 3G and a second circle pad, a new batch of supposed leaks have found there way onto the internet. We already had news of Monster Hunter 3G emerge today, are we going to see more from the list below? New Monster Hunter exclusively for 3DS with support for online play. New … Continue reading

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