Complete List of Nintendo’s E3 2012 Presentations and Trailers

Here we have have it! Via Nintendo’s official E3 press release site with have every single Nintendo E3 presentation videos and trailers for you viewing pleasure. Even if you think you know what E3 gave us, take a seat and some pop corn and be sure to check everything Nintendo gave us. Sorry, this page might … Continue reading

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We Dare – 12+ Game That’s Innovative and Physically Kinky

Ubisoft’s We Dare is causing outrage in the press and among parents. The game is destined for the Wii and Ps3 (next Month in Europe), with an age rating of 12+. While the game is on it’s way to Europe, Ubisoft “emphatically” declared that We Dare “absolutely” would not be released in the US. The game itself … Continue reading

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