Pikmin 3 Announced At This Years E3

Shigeru Miyamoto showed the very first footage for Pikmin 3 for the Wii U today at their E3 conference. Pikmin 3 will use Wii MotionPlus and the Nunchuk for the most accurate plant-chucking you could ever wish for. The Wii U GamePad can also be used for a greater control over the map and can … Continue reading

Nintendo E3 2012 Press Conference Live [05.06.12 – 09:00 PDT / 17:00 GMT]

We will be covering Nintendo’s E3 2012 Press Conference live for around 1 hour. Be sure to follow our Twitter feed and like our facebook page as well as bookmarking this URL so you will be able to follow developments live with us. If you are unable to follow our reports live you can review … Continue reading

E3 2012 Wishlist: No More Remakes (But Zelda Wii U Please!)

Nintendo had a lot to learn from last year’s 3DS launch, their big mistake being not sticking a game from The Legend of Zelda or Mario franchise in the initial release list. Did this mean the handheld had been rushed? Were Nintendo phasing out their main franchises? Of course not. Yet, the following weeks promise … Continue reading

Time Travelers Release Date Announced [Japan]

Today Japanese games developer and publisher Level-5 have officially announced the release date of their upcoming game Time Travelers in Japan. The game will be launched across the 3DS, PSP and PSVita on the 12th July this year. The full retail price has been set at ¥5,980, which is around £46 according to today’s currency rate. … Continue reading

New Cobalt Blue 3DS Console

Today Nintendo of Japan have revealed a brand new 3DS colour to add to the growing collection – Cobalt Blue. This is a darker version of the Aqua Blue 3DS already available. Cobalt Blue 3DS consoles are to go on sale across Japan on the 22nd March. Do you like the look of this new … Continue reading

Zelda Timeline Explained

As some of you might have heard, a new book has been released in Japan called ‘Hyrule Historia’. Containing original concept art, character designs and a range of information. It’s also shed some light on the much debated Zelda timeline. It’s been leaked that this might actually be the official timeline. For many years there … Continue reading

Nintendo Scene’s First Christmas Competition In Association With Qwertee

Halloween is just over, and now, Christmas is almost upon us. But most importantly for us, it is Nintendo Scene‘s very first Christmas, and we would like to reward our lovely readers for sticking by us. But how? We have teamed up with our friends over at Qwertee to provide one of our lucky readers … Continue reading

Nintendo Announce New Look ‘Streamlined’ Wii Console

Today Nintendo have confirmed that a new look ‘streamlined’ version of the Wii console will be released in the UK in time for Christmas. Described as being a ‘streamlined white Wii with a slightly altered configuration, which is designed to sit horizontally rather than vertically’ the new console will be released as part of a … Continue reading

Metroid 25th Anniversary

Last year we had Nintendo’s main mascot, Mario, turn 25. A Mario themed Wii was made available, along with a Mario themed DSi and a special edition Super Mario All Stars collection for the Wii. This year we have Zelda’s 25th Anniversary and Metroid’s 25th Anniversary. Yes, this year is also Metroid’s 25th birthday too, but … Continue reading

Official Zelda 25th Anniversary Site Is Live!

The official website for the Zelda 25th Anniversary celebrations is now live right here. It contains all the info you need, including a history of zelda, information on the Flipnote Contest and the upcoming Symphony concerts. There is also video content and an awesome selection of wallpapers to download.

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